PharmaTrack is a trusted and proven Pharmacy Management System that empowers your pharmacy to process, track, and dispense prescriptions with the highest level of security, accuracy, and efficiency.

Patient Health and Medication Management

Ensure patient health and adherence with flexible, reliable, and fast checkout processes. Capture signatures for OTC and prescription deliveries, including HIPAA, credit card, and prescription signatures electronically.

Comprehensive Pharmacy Features

Access separate modules for patients, doctors, products, and plans, enabling flexible and fast search capabilities. Benefit from electronic refill requests, E-Prescribing (including controlled prescriptions), patient account receivable management, eligibility checks, Sig code maintenance, and integration with electronic prior authorization requests.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Improve operational efficiency with features like purchase order creation, automated price updates, PDMP reporting, customizable Rx labels, EDI interface with wholesalers, automated inventory management, backup to a secure HIPAA-compliant cloud server, and document storage for patients.

Medication Therapy Management

Integrate medication synchronization, manage and alter patient adherence, utilize outcomes integration, generate Five Star reports, and leverage the synchronization calendar for effective medication therapy management.

Point of Sale Integration

Experience the convenience of a truly integrated point of sale system, enabling flexible, reliable, and fast checkout processes. Capture signatures electronically for OTC and prescription deliveries and use barcode scanners to quickly populate patient information.

Mobile Apps for Efficiency

Explore our integrated mobile apps, including RxLocal Web/App, Novohcs Inventory Application, Apple iPad Electronic Signature Capture, Apple iPad Patient Counseling, and Mobile Delivery, making your pharmacy operations more accessible and efficient.

Advanced Inventory Management

Simplify inventory management with features such as usage-based ordering, pharmacy loan tracking, integration with multiple wholesalers, auto reorder points, recommended ordering and return, multiple inventories, and shelf stickers.

Streamline Your Pharmacy Operations

Transform your pharmacy operations with PharmaTrack and streamline processes for enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and patient care.Contact us today to schedule a demo and discover how PharmaTrack can revolutionize your pharmacy operations.